Youth bicycle race «Tour de kid 2018» was held in Almaty on June 3, as part of the
“ALMATY BIKE FEST”, in which children from age 2 to 7 took part. Public fund
VeloFriends and Raimbek were among the organizers of the event.
This was the way the organizers chose to distract children from TV and computer
games, to instill a genuine interest in active, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.
The event was held on the stadium of Narxoz University. The correspondent of
VeloFriends reports from the location.
Races began around 10 am, and the first to compete were two-year-olds. With each
race the age of contestants increased. Each race had three children competing in a
hundred-meter distance. The kids were turning pedals as fast as they could to reach
the finish line first, where they were greeted by commemorative medals and prizes.
It’s worth noting that none of the kids were nervous or upset about arriving second
or last. Everyone looked so happy and joyful that even the rainy weather could not
ruin the elevated mood. Everyone was simply enjoying the process, while feeling
the spirit of real competition.
“Competitions like these are a very correct trend. Children should get accustomed
to an active lifestyle, love sports from the earliest years, and be really fond of it,”
says Alikhan, the father of a three-year-old girl who took second place in the race.
Some parents were running alongside with their children, supporting and
encouraging them.
“I’m very proud of my son. He tried his best and was very much pleased with
himself. Many thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such an
interesting race,” said the mother of the boy who came first in his race.
«Tour de kid» is a one-of-a-kind competition, since children of the youngest age
are able to participate in the race. More than 300 people sent their applications
during the preliminary registration. One of the organizers Svetlana Spatar says:
“This competition has been going on for many years. It was launched by the
initiative group Velo-Almaty and Extreme Athletics, as well as other public
organizations that promote cycling events. We came up with this format so that
every child receives a prize: there are three contestants in each race, meaning every
child takes a prize place — the first, the second or the third. This way we don’t have
losers, and no one is upset.”
The results demonstrated by little riders are pretty good.
“It gets really exciting here. Of course, older kids go faster, but even two-year-olds
sometimes do such crazy things, outrunning their older peers. It is very interesting
to watch children riding run bikes — this is a bicycle without pedals. Sometimes,
children on balance bikes are faster than kids on bicycles with pedals,» Svetlana
The 11th «Tour de kid — 2018» race was dedicated to the World Bicycle Day,
which was announced by the UN this year, as well as to the International
Children’s Day and the World Environment Day.

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